Finnemore in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Finnemore
John Finnemore
Edward Finnemore
Richard Finnemore
Henry Finnemore
George Finnemore
Thomas Finnemore
Francis Finnemore
Charles Finnemore
Joseph Finnemore
James Finnemore
Harry Finnemore
Alfred Finnemore
Arthur Finnemore
Walter Finnemore
Stephen Finnemore
Ernest Finnemore
Michael Finnemore
Edwin Finnemore
Geo.Kingdom Finnemore
Frank Finnemore
Robert Finnemore
Edwd. Finnemore
Edmond Finnemore
Benjamin Finnemore
Horace Finnemore
Wm. Finnemore
A. Finnemore
Will. Finnemore
Frederick Finnemore
Samuel Finnemore
Leonard Finnemore
Howard Finnemore
Herbert Finnemore
Albert Finnemore

Top female forenames

Mary Finnemore
Elizabeth Finnemore
Jane Finnemore
Sarah Finnemore
Ann Finnemore
Alice Finnemore
Rose Finnemore
Annie Finnemore
Maria Finnemore
Eliza Finnemore
Harriet Finnemore
Florence Finnemore
Emma Finnemore
Martha Finnemore
Ellen Finnemore
Jessie Finnemore
Ruth Finnemore
Charlotte Finnemore
Bessie Finnemore
Emily Finnemore
Kate Finnemore
Susan Finnemore
Helen Finnemore
Thamizon Finnemore
Eliz.A. Finnemore
Harriett Finnemore
Edith Finnemore
Hannah Finnemore
Rosannah Finnemore
Florance Finnemore
Mercy Finnemore
Esther Finnemore
Anna Finnemore
Amy Finnemore
Ellenor Finnemore
Elizth. Finnemore
Thirza Finnemore
Janie Finnemore
Edna Finnemore
Sara Finnemore
Cicely Finnemore
Catherine Finnemore
My.A. Finnemore
Fanny Finnemore
Matilda Finnemore
Elsie Finnemore
Amelia Finnemore
Lucy Finnemore

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Steel Pen Tool Maker
Errand Boy
Farmers Son
Farm Labourer
Press Tool Maker
Brush Maker
Potters Assistant
Farmers Wife
Woollen Salesman
Fender Moulder
Formerly Gardener
Garden S... Maker
Coachman (D)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Servant Indoor
Farmer 138 Ac Em 2 M 1 Woman
Farmer Of 100 Acres
Farmers Son & Grocer
Farmer Of 115 Acres
Farmers Daug
Farmers Daur Governess
Edge Tool Stamper
Drapers Saleswoman
Cabenit Maker
Button Cutter
Brass Founder
Bedstead Maker (Iron)
Assistant To Above
Artist Oil Painting
Annuitant (Widow Of V S)
Carman Mid Railway
Clerk (Rule Works)
Drapers Assistant
Cook Domestic Serv
Comm Clerk Spoon Trade
Coal Merchants Clerk
Coachman (Dom)
Coach Joiner