Fitzherbert in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Fitzherbert
George Fitzherbert
F. Fitzherbert
Edward Fitzherbert
Basil Fitzherbert
William Fitzherbert
Richd.A. Fitzherbert
John Fitzherbert
Humphry Fitzherbert
Harold Fitzherbert
Francis Fitzherbert
Egbert Fitzherbert
Charles Fitzherbert
Alleyne Fitzherbert
Robert Fitzherbert
R.H.C. Fitzherbert
James Fitzherbert

Top female forenames

Mary Fitzherbert
Elizabeth Fitzherbert
Agnes Fitzherbert
Ellen Fitzherbert
Susan Fitzherbert
Edith Fitzherbert
Rachael Fitzherbert
Cecil Fitzherbert
Augusta Fitzherbert
Mabel Fitzherbert
Annie Fitzherbert
Judith Fitzherbert
Hilda Fitzherbert
Florence Fitzherbert
Emily Fitzherbert
Sarah Fitzherbert
Dorothy Fitzherbert
Maude Fitzherbert
Beatrice Fitzherbert
Maria Fitzherbert
Arabella Fitzherbert
M. Fitzherbert
Isabel Fitzherbert
Frances Fitzherbert
Evelyn Fitzherbert

Top occupations

Independent Annuitant
Justice Of The Peace
Lt Col Retired Officer Magistrate
M.A.Camb Not Employed
Pupil (Scholar)
Vicar Of Tissington
2nd Lieutenant 3 Stafford Mil
Gentleman Cadet
Bank Clerk
Bankers Clerk
Bar...t Magistrate & Cp. Lt.
Civil & Mechanical Eng
Curate Of Scotton B A Cantab
Dividend Annuities
Dress Maker
Funds Etc
Visitor Independent