Fitzmaurice in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Fitzmaurice
James Fitzmaurice
Thomas Fitzmaurice
Patrick Fitzmaurice
William Fitzmaurice
Henry Fitzmaurice
George Fitzmaurice
Michael Fitzmaurice
Edward Fitzmaurice
Charles Fitzmaurice
Tom Fitzmaurice
Walter Fitzmaurice
Martin Fitzmaurice
Cecil Fitzmaurice
Timothy Fitzmaurice
Cornelius Fitzmaurice
Herbert Fitzmaurice
Robert Fitzmaurice
Guy Fitzmaurice
Bernard Fitzmaurice
Alfred Fitzmaurice
Miles Fitzmaurice
Frederick Fitzmaurice
Alexander Fitzmaurice
Francis Fitzmaurice
Lewis Fitzmaurice
Edmond Fitzmaurice
Thos.Joseph Fitzmaurice
Joseph Fitzmaurice
Desmond Fitzmaurice
Thos. Fitzmaurice
Christopher Fitzmaurice
S.B. Fitzmaurice
Raymond Fitzmaurice
Guildford Fitzmaurice
Arthur Fitzmaurice
Myles Fitzmaurice
Gamalies Fitzmaurice
Alexr. Fitzmaurice
Michall Fitzmaurice
Frank Fitzmaurice
Wm. Fitzmaurice
Maurice Fitzmaurice
Ernest Fitzmaurice
Mark Fitzmaurice
Edmund Fitzmaurice
Lawrence Fitzmaurice
Douglas Fitzmaurice
Thos.J. Fitzmaurice

Top female forenames

Mary Fitzmaurice
Sarah Fitzmaurice
Margaret Fitzmaurice
Ellen Fitzmaurice
Catherine Fitzmaurice
Bridget Fitzmaurice
Eliza Fitzmaurice
Annie Fitzmaurice
Ann Fitzmaurice
Frances Fitzmaurice
Florence Fitzmaurice
Kate Fitzmaurice
Elizabeth Fitzmaurice
Hannah Fitzmaurice
Maria Fitzmaurice
Margret Fitzmaurice
Anne Fitzmaurice
Isabella Fitzmaurice
Geraldine Fitzmaurice
Theresa Fitzmaurice
Jane Fitzmaurice
Beatrix Fitzmaurice
Fanny Fitzmaurice
Mabel Fitzmaurice
Emily Fitzmaurice
Winifred Fitzmaurice
Andrew Fitzmaurice
June Fitzmaurice
Elizth. Fitzmaurice
Sophia Fitzmaurice
Adela Fitzmaurice
Jessie Fitzmaurice
Sabina Fitzmaurice
Delia Fitzmaurice
May Fitzmaurice
Helen Fitzmaurice
Charlotte Fitzmaurice
Harriet Fitzmaurice
Marie Fitzmaurice
Bella Fitzmaurice
Marguerite Fitzmaurice
Evelyn Fitzmaurice
Zella Fitzmaurice
Agnes Fitzmaurice
Jessy Fitzmaurice
Edith Fitzmaurice
Mildred Fitzmaurice
Honor Fitzmaurice
Clara Fitzmaurice
Maud Fitzmaurice

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Lab Ironworks
Factory Operative
Civil Engineer
No Occupation
Clerk Merchants
Gen Lab
Railway Porter
Nail Caster
Porter Railway
Egg & Butter Merchant
Dress Maker
Errand Boy
Dress & Mantle Maker
Drapers Assistant
Groom Of Bedchamber H R H.Prince Of Wales
Greenwich Pensioner
Granite Merchant & Contractor
General Servant (Domestic)
General Servant
Foundry Labourer
Farm Servant Cowman (Indoor)
Gunner Rl Arty
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Slubber
C Winder
C Rover
Brick Setters Labourer
Brick Makers Labourer
Boot Trade
Basket Dealer
Card Grinder
Winder (C M)
Cook Domestic Servant
Commission Agent
Commercial Clk Ry Goods
Commander Royal Navy Ret List
Colonel Retired List Madras Army
Coal Miner
Clerk Customs