Fitzroy in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Fitzroy
William Fitzroy
Edward Fitzroy
Charles Fitzroy
James Fitzroy
Frederick Fitzroy
Robert Fitzroy
Henry Fitzroy
Wood Fitzroy
F.Horatio Fitzroy
W.F. Fitzroy
Ernest Fitzroy
Stafford Fitzroy
Cyril Fitzroy
Ronald Fitzroy
Cavendish Fitzroy
Maurice Fitzroy
Hugh Fitzroy
Harold Fitzroy
Fredk.G. Fitzroy
Francis Fitzroy
Evelynn Fitzroy
Victor Fitzroy
Samuel Fitzroy

Top female forenames

Mary Fitzroy
Annie Fitzroy
Elizabeth Fitzroy
Charlotte Fitzroy
Sarah Fitzroy
Emily Fitzroy
Ella Fitzroy
Jane Fitzroy
Catherine Fitzroy
Gertrude Fitzroy
Maria Fitzroy
Ann Fitzroy
Lucy Fitzroy
Emma Fitzroy
Jessie Fitzroy
Ismay Fitzroy
Caroline Fitzroy
May Fitzroy
Harriet Fitzroy
Blanche Fitzroy
Georgina Fitzroy
Margaret Fitzroy
F. Fitzroy
Anna Fitzroy
Luisa Fitzroy
Esme Fitzroy
Amelia Fitzroy
Lilias Fitzroy
Adda Fitzroy
Laura Fitzroy
Katherine Fitzroy
Constance Fitzroy
Susan Fitzroy
Minnie Fitzroy
Helen Fitzroy
Bona Fitzroy
Maud Fitzroy
Bertha Fitzroy
Frederica Fitzroy
Anne Fitzroy
Lydia Fitzroy
Eva Fitzroy
Agusta Fitzroy
Lilian Fitzroy
Ellen Fitzroy
Kathleen Fitzroy

Top occupations

General Labourer
Major Army Retired
Magistrate (O H)
Lock Smith
Lieut General & Equery (C S)
Late Lt Col Royl Bucks Militia Farmer 200 Acrs Emp 8 Men & 3 Boys
Journeyman Baker
Retired Leut Colonel
Retired Lieut & Landowner
Retired Lieut Wife
Workwoman In Paper Mill
Wife With Husband
Waistcoat Maker (Tailor)
Vicar Of St Judes
Student Oxford
Straw Hat Sewer
Son Of Lady Southampton
Salesman Mineral Water
J>P. (O.L.)
Iron Laborer
Income From Dividends
Comd. Royl. Navy
Colonel Halfpay Late 47th Reg.
Colnel Coldstream Guards
Clerk Unemployed
Clergymans Widow
Chelsea Pensioner (Army)
Captain Royal H Artillery
Cab Proprietor
Cotton Brokers Apprentice
Gold Engraver
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant
Daughter With Parents
Daughter Of Lady Southampton
Curate Of St Marys Beverley
Barrister At Law