Fitzsimon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Fitzsimon
Joseph Fitzsimon
George Fitzsimon
John Fitzsimon
Frederick Fitzsimon
Daniel Fitzsimon
Christopher Fitzsimon
Wilfred Fitzsimon
Archebald Fitzsimon
Robert Fitzsimon
Patrick Fitzsimon
James Fitzsimon
Edward Fitzsimon
Cuthbert Fitzsimon
Arty Fitzsimon
Thomas Fitzsimon
Phillip Fitzsimon
Louis Fitzsimon
Henry Fitzsimon

Top female forenames

Mary Fitzsimon
Elizabeth Fitzsimon
Catherine Fitzsimon
Louisa Fitzsimon
Elizth. Fitzsimon
Rose Fitzsimon
Arabel Fitzsimon
M.A. Fitzsimon
Anne Fitzsimon
Joyce Fitzsimon
Isabelle Fitzsimon
Emma Fitzsimon
Elizth.M. Fitzsimon
Sarah Fitzsimon
Nellie Fitzsimon
Assumpta Fitzsimon
Margaret Fitzsimon
Annie Fitzsimon
M. Fitzsimon
Juella Fitzsimon
Jane Fitzsimon
Helena Fitzsimon
Emily Fitzsimon

Top occupations

A B Seaman
Journeyman Boot Closer
Labourer (Factory)
Medical Candidate Army Medl Dep
R C Priest (Invalid)
Teacher Of Mathmatics & Languages (Prof)
Insurance Agent
House Duties
Genl Laborer
(Inland Revenue Officers Wife)
Civil Engineer
Clerk Inland Revenue
Coal Miner
Cook Housekeeper
Farmer 50 Acrs
Gardener Nd
Wine Cooper