Fitzwilliam in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Fitzwilliam
George Fitzwilliam
Edward Fitzwilliam
Thomas Fitzwilliam
Michael Fitzwilliam
John Fitzwilliam
Hugh Fitzwilliam
Gregory Fitzwilliam
W. Fitzwilliam
Charles Fitzwilliam
Richard Fitzwilliam
Allen Fitzwilliam
Reginald Fitzwilliam
(Earl) Fitzwilliam
Montague Fitzwilliam
Marshall Fitzwilliam
James Fitzwilliam
H.West Fitzwilliam
Godric Fitzwilliam
Arthur Fitzwilliam
Rich. Fitzwilliam
Abraham Fitzwilliam
Percy Fitzwilliam

Top female forenames

Mary Fitzwilliam
Charlotte Fitzwilliam
Ellen Fitzwilliam
Theresa Fitzwilliam
Hannah Fitzwilliam
Florence Fitzwilliam
Elizabeth Fitzwilliam
Elgina Fitzwilliam
R. Fitzwilliam
Anne Fitzwilliam
Marie Fitzwilliam
Alice Fitzwilliam
Louisa Fitzwilliam
(Countess) Fitzwilliam
Isabel Fitzwilliam
Francis Fitzwilliam
Eliza Fitzwilliam
Dorothy Fitzwilliam
Maude Fitzwilliam
Annie Fitzwilliam
Martha Fitzwilliam
Amelia Fitzwilliam
Maria Fitzwilliam
Albreda Fitzwilliam
Jane Fitzwilliam

Top occupations

Iron Miner
Titled Lady
Member Of Parliament
Pawnbrokers Shopman
Officiating Minister Of Church Of England
Music Engraver
Manager Of Above
Peer Lord Lieutenant (Legislator)
Peers Daughter
Peers Son Member Of Parliament (Legislator)
Pensioner Domestic Servant
Printer (C)
Servant Domestic
Waitress Domestic
(No Oc)
(Student) Honble Reginald Fitzwilliam
Baker Confectioner (Journeyman)
Baker Confectioner Wife
Clerk Of Works
Clerk Of Works Son
Clerk Of Works Wife
Cloth Rug Weaver
Coal Merchant & Mariner
Coal Merct
General Domestic Servant
Grocers Assistant