Fleetham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Fleetham
William Fleetham
George Fleetham
John Fleetham
Robert Fleetham
Charles Fleetham
Michael Fleetham
Thos. Fleetham
Wilson Fleetham
Jas. Fleetham
Henry Fleetham
Oscar Fleetham
Frederic Fleetham
Miles Fleetham
Edwin Fleetham
Matthias Fleetham
Mathew Fleetham
Alf Fleetham
Wm. Fleetham
Kirby Fleetham
Hy. Fleetham
T. Fleetham
Harry Fleetham
Richard Fleetham
Geo Fleetham
N. Fleetham
Florence Fleetham
Christopher Fleetham
Matthew Fleetham
Anthony Fleetham
Marthew Fleetham
Joseph Fleetham
W. Fleetham

Top female forenames

Mary Fleetham
Jane Fleetham
Annie Fleetham
Hannah Fleetham
Alice Fleetham
Elizabeth Fleetham
Ann Fleetham
Betsy Fleetham
Villata Fleetham
Dorothy Fleetham
Kate Fleetham
Edith Fleetham
Margaret Fleetham
E.E. Fleetham
Lucy Fleetham
Daisy Fleetham
Joseph Fleetham
Isabella Fleetham
Anne Fleetham
Gillah Fleetham
Rachel Fleetham
F. Fleetham
A.M. Fleetham
Emily Fleetham
Maria Fleetham
Margaretta Fleetham
E.J. Fleetham
M.A. Fleetham
Blanche Fleetham
Sarah Fleetham
Frances Fleetham
Ada Fleetham
Rachael Fleetham
Ethel Fleetham
Martha Fleetham
Elizth.A. Fleetham
Margret Fleetham

Top occupations

Railway Servant
Iron Moulder
Railway Clerk
Rail Guard Pilot Guard
Wife Of Servant
Plate Layer
Number Taker (Rail Lab)
No Occupation
Railway Engine Driver
Railway Engine Stoker
Stone Mason
Small Farmer & Carter (8 Acres)
Shop Keeper (Grocer)
Railway Stoker Wife
Railway Stoker
Railway Lab Wife
Railway Lab
Master Mariner
Master Joiner & Grocer
Engine Fitter At Works
Engine Drivers Wife
Engine Drivers Daughter
Engine Driver N E Rly
Domestic Serv
Core Maker At Iron Foundry
Colliery Laborer
Boilersmith At Wks
Farm Lab
Genl Servt Domestic
Grocers Wife
Maid (Dom)
Lady's Maid Domestic
Labourer Iron Wks
Joiner Journeyman
Joiner Employing 1 Man
Joiner Apprentice
Housemaid Domestic
Groom Dom