Flemings in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Flemings
James Flemings
Edward Flemings
William Flemings
Joseph Flemings
Frank Flemings
Charles Flemings
Walter Flemings
Stephen Flemings
Patrick Flemings
Levi Flemings
Johnny Flemings
Jesse Flemings
Henry Flemings
Thomas Flemings
Robert Flemings
Martin Flemings

Top female forenames

Mary Flemings
Kate Flemings
Ann Flemings
Emily Flemings
Annie Flemings
Sarah Flemings
Emma Flemings
Ellen Flemings
Charlotte Flemings
Alice Flemings
Minna Flemings
Margaret Flemings
Jane Flemings
Elizabeth Flemings
Amy Flemings

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Labourer In Iron Works
Mungo Manufactr Employing 3 Men & 5 Women (C Dlr)
Serv Domestic
Servant Domestic
Stone Masons Labourer
Stonemason Laborer
Straw Plaiter
Woollen Weaver
Higher Division Clerk & The Cortus ? & Director Of Company (CS)
General Servant
Ag Labr
Bonnet Maker Milliner
Book Folder
Cabinet Maker
Cardroom Hand In Cotton Mill
Coke Works Lab
Dressmakers Assistant
Farm Labourer
Farm Serv (Indoors)
Forge Labourer (Iron)
General Laborer (Out Of Employ)
Wrought Nailer