Flesher in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Flesher
George Flesher
William Flesher
Thomas Flesher
James Flesher
Joseph Flesher
Edward Flesher
Christopher Flesher
Herbert Flesher
Fred Flesher
Charles Flesher
Wm. Flesher
Andrew Flesher
Jno.Wm. Flesher
Abraham Flesher
Hy. Flesher
Thos. Flesher
Clement Flesher
Sim Flesher
Ned Flesher
Arthur Flesher
Albert Flesher
(Mr) Flesher
Hubert Flesher
Henry Flesher
Freddy Flesher
Thos.C. Flesher
Robert Flesher
Benjamin Flesher

Top female forenames

Mary Flesher
Sarah Flesher
Elizabeth Flesher
Ann Flesher
Martha Flesher
Alice Flesher
Margaret Flesher
Jane Flesher
Emma Flesher
Harriett Flesher
Ada Flesher
Ellen Flesher
Clara Flesher
Louisa Flesher
Anne Flesher
Janet Flesher
Emiley Flesher
Elizth. Flesher
Nelly Flesher
Miriam Flesher
Edith Flesher
Betsey Flesher
Annie Flesher
Lettey Flesher
Ruth Flesher
Elizh. Flesher
Mirinda Flesher
Eliza Flesher
Maria Flesher
Bertha Flesher

Top occupations

Woollen Weaver
Stone Mason
Milliner & Draper
Mill Hand
Woollen Twister
Gen Serv (Domestic)
Lodginghouse Keeper
Labourer In Iron
Labourer (Gen)
Mill Hand (Stuff)
Worsted Mill (Operative)
Monumental Mason
Woollen Fettler
Woollen Cloth Tenterer
Woollen Cloth Fuller
WD Weaver
Rug Manufacturer
Iron Pudler
Grocers Boy (Serv)
Currier Leather
Core Maker Iron Works
Cook Domestic Servt
Coal Miner
Butchers Apprentice
B.A.Camb Fundholder
Ag Laborer
(Navy) Pensioner ((Seaman))
Domestic Servant
Dyers Laborer
Employed At Home As Ser
General Servant Domestic
General Laborer Wife
General Laborer
Filler Woolen Mill
Farmer Of 63 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer Of 309 Acres Employing 1 Labourer
Farm... Domestick ?
Farm Manager Bailiff
(Lets Apartments) (Bding)