Flinders in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Flinders
John Flinders
George Flinders
Samuel Flinders
Thomas Flinders
Charles Flinders
Joseph Flinders
Edward Flinders
Harry Flinders
Arthur Flinders
James Flinders
Herbert Flinders
Fredk. Flinders
Wm. Flinders
Alfred Flinders
Matthew Flinders
Frederick Flinders
Frank Flinders
Tom Flinders
Benjamin Flinders
Robert Flinders
Geoe. Flinders
Arther Flinders
Willm. Flinders
Johnathan Flinders
Walter Flinders
Jno. Flinders
Ernest Flinders
Edwin Flinders
Terry Flinders
Hugh Flinders
Edmund Flinders
Sydney Flinders
Henry Flinders
Morgan Flinders
Fred Flinders
Francis Flinders
W.A. Flinders
Jarus Flinders
Enoch Flinders
Isaac Flinders
T.A. Flinders
Ector Flinders
Sidney Flinders
Hedding Flinders
Caroline Flinders
Sameul Flinders
Granville Flinders
Ben Flinders
Richards Flinders

Top female forenames

Mary Flinders
Elizabeth Flinders
Sarah Flinders
Ann Flinders
Eliza Flinders
Emma Flinders
Jane Flinders
Annie Flinders
Fanny Flinders
Charlotte Flinders
Ada Flinders
Gertrude Flinders
Clara Flinders
Maria Flinders
Hannah Flinders
Ellen Flinders
Alice Flinders
Catherine Flinders
Louisa Flinders
Anne Flinders
Sophia Flinders
Frances Flinders
Agnes Flinders
Kate Flinders
Cecilia Flinders
Emily Flinders
Hannh. Flinders
Lucy Flinders
Francis Flinders
Florence Flinders
Kerzia Flinders
Adelaide Flinders
Polly Flinders
Charlott Flinders
Juliet Flinders
Ethel Flinders
Maude Flinders
Isabella Flinders
Martha Flinders
Betsy Flinders
Helen Flinders
Emeline Flinders
Bertha Flinders
Harriet Flinders
Elizth. Flinders
M.A.E. Flinders
Aveline Flinders
Susannah Flinders
Georgina Flinders
Eleanor Flinders

Top occupations

Coal Miner
F.W.K. (HM)
Farm Lab
Farm Labourer
Farmers Daur
Lace Maker
Mender Cotton Hosiery
Lace Trimmer
Cotton Winder
Bricklayers Labourer
Income From Land
Glove Hand
File Cutter
Cotton Mill Hand
Frame Work Knitter
Beer House Keeper
Farm Labr
Dyer (Undef)
Engineer (Lace Factory) (Driver)
Farm Boy
Farmer 130 Acres
Factory Hand Cotton (Hosiery)
Coal Miner Wife
Bar House Keeper
Blacksmith Striker
Bleacher (17/Y)
Boiler Maker
Bricklayers Labourer Unable To Work
Cleaner (Fact Lab)
Clerk To Meat Salesman
Coal Miner Empd
Coalminer Labourer
Compositor Apprentice
Cotton Carder
Cotton Carder Wife
Cotton Dubbler (L W K)