Flitton in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Flitton
William Flitton
James Flitton
Thomas Flitton
Charles Flitton
David Flitton
Henry Flitton
George Flitton
Walter Flitton
Frank Flitton
Joseph Flitton
Harry Flitton
Albert Flitton
Ernest Flitton
Arthur Flitton
Robert Flitton
Alfred Flitton
Daniel Flitton
Frederick Flitton
Leslie Flitton
Jonathan Flitton
Cyrus Flitton
Wm. Flitton
Charlie Flitton
Byrte Flitton
Thos. Flitton
Septimus Flitton
Amos Flitton
Fredk. Flitton
Noah Flitton
Lewis Flitton
Earnest Flitton
Jonas Flitton
Cliffe Flitton
Jas.H. Flitton
Waldo Flitton
Isaac Flitton
Bob Flitton
Arnold Flitton
Sam Flitton
Geoffrey Flitton
Allen Flitton
Ralph Flitton
Mark Flitton

Top female forenames

Sarah Flitton
Mary Flitton
Elizabeth Flitton
Jane Flitton
Hannah Flitton
Lydia Flitton
Susan Flitton
Edith Flitton
Louisa Flitton
Florence Flitton
Rose Flitton
Emily Flitton
Alice Flitton
Ellen Flitton
Julia Flitton
Maud Flitton
Annie Flitton
Agnes Flitton
Lizzie Flitton
Charlotte Flitton
Hilda Flitton
Matilda Flitton
Ann Flitton
Maria Flitton
Frances Flitton
Lititia Flitton
Emmeline Flitton
Rosah Flitton
Lilley Flitton
Miriam Flitton
Mildred Flitton
Isabella Flitton
Cecilia Flitton
Harriett Flitton
Hariot Flitton
Amy Flitton
Margret Flitton
Grace Flitton
Susie Flitton
Esther Flitton
Lily Flitton
Rachel Flitton
Kate Flitton
Minna Flitton
Mercy Flitton
Catherine Flitton
Harriet Flitton
Violet Flitton
Ada Flitton
Lois Flitton

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Straw Plaiter
Bonnet Sewer
Employed at Paper Mill
Teacher (School) Daur
Ag Laborer
Miller (Corn)
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Servant (Indr)
Farm Servant
Groom Domestic Servt
Farm Labr
Engine Fitter
Farmer Of 251 Acres 10 Laborer (Employing 7 Laborers 3 Boys)
Farmer Wife
Formerly Bonnet Straw Plaiter
General Servant
General Servt Domestic
Genl Serv
Groom (Dom)
(No Occ.) Pauper sleeping in Barn
Corn & Flour Merchant (Employing 2 Men)
Domestic Serv
Agricull Laborer
Ag Lab Thatcher
Brewer & Baker Employing 4 Men
Brewers Daughter
Builder Employing 3 Men
Ag Lab Shepherd
Coal Merchant
Coal Merchant Flour Miller Emp 5 Men
Commercial Clerk
Commercial Traveller
Ag Lab Horsekeeper
Corn Merchant
Dom Serv
Domestic (Serv)