Flute in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Flute
Frederick Flute
James Flute
Thomas Flute
John Flute
Arthur Flute
Joseph Flute
Alfred Flute
George Flute
Charles Flute
Reginald Flute
Horace Flute
Harry Flute
Walter Flute
Ernest Flute
Thos. Flute
Ebenezer Flute
Robert Flute
Albert Flute
Herbert Flute
H.W.T. Flute
Geor. Flute
Francis Flute
Tom Flute
Edwin Flute

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Flute
Mary Flute
Ann Flute
Zilpah Flute
Rosannah Flute
Sussana Flute
Amelia Flute
Sarah Flute
Mercy Flute
Martha Flute
Hannah Flute
Frances Flute
Emma Flute
Susan Flute
Agnes Flute
Lydia Flute
Gertrude Flute
Eva Flute
Ellen Flute
Eliza Flute

Top occupations

Ag Labourer
Rolling Mill (Forge)
Ag Lab
Agricultural Laborer
Bricklayers Labourer
Ag Labr
Lace Mkr
Lace Maker (Pillow)
Housekeeper Lodging
Hammerman At Forge
Furniture Dealer
Formerly Laboror
Farmer Of 7 Acres
General Labourer