Fontaine in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Henry Fontaine
Eugene Fontaine
Louis Fontaine
Walter Fontaine
Joseph Fontaine
James Fontaine
Adolphe Fontaine
Gustave Fontaine
William Fontaine
John Fontaine
Alfred Fontaine
Edward Fontaine
E. Fontaine
Arthur Fontaine
Alexander Fontaine
Frederick Fontaine
Ferdinand Fontaine
Ernest Fontaine
Sidney Fontaine
Edmund Fontaine
Charles Fontaine
Herbert Fontaine
Albert Fontaine
Gustivas Fontaine
George Fontaine
Francis Fontaine
Rene Fontaine

Top female forenames

Josephine Fontaine
Marie Fontaine
Elizabeth Fontaine
Edith Fontaine
Julia Fontaine
Caroline Fontaine
Selina Fontaine
Ann Fontaine
Mary Fontaine
Emma Fontaine
Susan Fontaine
Jane Fontaine
Rosa Fontaine
Hanna Fontaine
Ada Fontaine
Genevieve Fontaine
Martha Fontaine
G. Fontaine
Margaret Fontaine
Fanny Fontaine
Lydia Fontaine
Liza Fontaine
Eliza Fontaine
Susannah Fontaine
Kate Fontaine
Desiree Fontaine
Sophia Fontaine
Anne Fontaine
Sarah Fontaine
Ida Fontaine
Aida Fontaine
Rebecca Fontaine
Gertrude Fontaine
Marthe Fontaine
Gabrille Fontaine
Florence Fontaine
Mabel Fontaine
Ethel Fontaine
Louisa Fontaine
Lilian Fontaine

Top occupations

Iron Founder
General Servant
Govt Messenger India Office (C S)
Recipient Of Interest Of Money
Head Chambermaid (Dom)
House Maid
Wood Carver
Laundry Maid (Dom)
Minl Water Maker
Tooth Brush Maker
Needle Woman
Pianoforte Repairer
Professional Performer
Professor Of French & German
Professor Of Music
Oil Cloth Printer
Govermt Service Viewer (C S Mess)
General Servant Housemaid
Boot Maker
Boot Sales Man
Cabinet Maker
Cabinet Maker Employing 1 Man 4 Boys
China & Glass Deealor Employing 2 Girls And A Boy
Clerk To Timber Merchant
Cook (Unemp)
Drapers Assistant
Dress Maker
Egg Merchant & Fruiterer
Errand Boy (General)
Farmer Of 144 Acres Employing 6 Labourers
French Consuls 1st Clerk
Gas Fitter
General Nurse (Sub Med)
Errand Boy At Bookseller
Attache To The French Consulate