Fookes in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Fookes
Charles Fookes
Henry Fookes
Edward Fookes
George Fookes
James Fookes
Joseph Fookes
Robert Fookes
Arthur Fookes
Harry Fookes
Thomas Fookes
Ernest Fookes
John Fookes
Albert Fookes
Walter Fookes
Eli Fookes
Edgar Fookes
Courtenay Fookes
W. Fookes
Thos. Fookes
Fredrick Fookes
Silvanus Fookes
Fredk. Fookes
Percival Fookes
Fred Fookes
Lewis Fookes
Emery Fookes
Jesse Fookes
Donald Fookes
Herbert Fookes
Alfred Fookes
Vyvyan Fookes
Geo. Fookes
Fredk.C. Fookes
Frederick Fookes
Montague Fookes
Leonard Fookes

Top female forenames

Mary Fookes
Elizabeth Fookes
Annie Fookes
Alice Fookes
Eliza Fookes
Jane Fookes
Fanny Fookes
Ann Fookes
Emma Fookes
Martha Fookes
Sarah Fookes
Catherine Fookes
Louisa Fookes
Julia Fookes
Ellen Fookes
Selina Fookes
Anne Fookes
Harriet Fookes
Nellie Fookes
Minne Fookes
Ada Fookes
Marian Fookes
Margaret Fookes
Elenor Fookes
Laughton Fookes
Charlotte Fookes
Teresa Fookes
Grace Fookes
Beatrice Fookes
Rebecca Fookes
Florence Fookes
Miriam Fookes
Esther Fookes
Amelia Fookes
Matilda Fookes
Emily Fookes
Adaline Fookes
Maria Fookes
Eliz Fookes
Edith Fookes
Thirza Fookes
Cecila Fookes
Susan Fookes
Caroline Fookes
Frances Fookes

Top occupations

Rectors Son
Agricultural Laborer
Coal Merchant Daur
Stationers Assist
Coal Merchant
Straw Plat Sewer
Farm Servant (Ag Lab)
Lace Maker
Brewer And Malster
At School
Druggist Assistant
Assisting On The Farm (Ag)
Dress Maker
Domestic Servt
Domestic Servant
Farmer Of 406 Acres Employing 6 Labourers & 2 Boys
Gardeners Domestic Servant
Goods Porter
Housekeeper Domestic Servant
Income From Lands Etc
Joiner H M Dockyard
An Undergrad London Un Law Student Grays Inn
Leather Cutter
Malt Factor (...)
Yacht Joiner (Ship Blder)
Cigar Sorter & Bander
Brewers Daughter
Botanist F.L.S.
Blacksmith Master Employing 4 Men
Caulker Naval Pensioner H M Dk Yd
Chelsea Pensioner
Cigar Sorter
Cigar Sorter (Maker)
Civil Service Pensioner (Dock Yd)
Clerk (Railway)
Barrister At Law Q C
Coal Merchant Clerk
Coal Merchant Wife
Commercial Clerk
Cook Unemployed
Dockyard Writer