Forde in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Forde
William Forde
Thomas Forde
James Forde
Alfred Forde
Patrick Forde
Henry Forde
Samuel Forde
Michael Forde
Francis Forde
Timothy Forde
Jeremiah Forde
Richard Forde
Geo. Forde
Matthew Forde
Frank Forde
Alexander Forde
Martin Forde
David Forde
Charles Forde
George Forde
Garret Forde
Fred Forde
Mathew Forde
Walter Forde
Albert Forde
Louis Forde
Emmanuel Forde
Joseph Forde
Edwin Forde
Thoma Forde
Edmund Forde
Sidney Forde
Herbert Forde
Chas. Forde
Saml. Forde
Gerald Forde
Belshosa Forde
Arthur Forde
Frederick Forde
Andrew Forde
Wesley Forde
Ernest Forde
W. Forde
A. Forde
Lionel Forde
Emanuel Forde
Edward Forde
T.P. Forde
Robert Forde

Top female forenames

Mary Forde
Elizabeth Forde
Margaret Forde
Eliza Forde
Sarah Forde
Anne Forde
Catherine Forde
Louisa Forde
Ellen Forde
Jane Forde
Alice Forde
Bridget Forde
Annie Forde
Ann Forde
Emily Forde
Rose Forde
Lillian Forde
Elizah Forde
Norah Forde
Kathleen Forde
Minnie Forde
Jemima Forde
Dorothea Forde
Maud Forde
Harriet Forde
Clara Forde
Grace Forde
Cherry Forde
Marian Forde
Georgina Forde
Flora Forde
Winifred Forde
Emma Forde
Lillie Forde
Rosa Forde
Laura Forde
Nelly Forde
Adeline Forde
Julia Forde
Eleanor Forde
Minnefred Forde
Deria Forde
Maryane Forde
Gwendoline Forde
Christiana Forde
Martha Forde
Gertrude Forde
Charlotte Forde
Maria Forde
Georgeina Forde

Top occupations

Civil Engineer
Singer (Music)
Farm Servant
Servant Domestic
General Labourer
Ag Lab
Engine Driver
Drapers Apprentice
General Serv (Domestic)
Domestic Servant
Car Crw
Excavator (Navvy)
House Maid (Dom)
Farm Laborer
General Laborer
Gen Servant
Game Keeper
Grocer And Provision Dealer
Farm Servant (In Door)
Horse Driver
Copperworks Labourer (Man)
Coppersmiths Lab
Builder Employing 30 Men 10 Boys
Brickyard Lab (M)
Bricklayers Labourer
Bricklayers Lab
Boot Maker
Boiler Makers Laborer
Barrister At Law
Builders Daur
Butchers Assistant
Cook House Keeper (Domestic Servt)
Cook (Dom)
Commercial Clerk
Clerk (Leather Trade)
Caters Wife
Cab Driver