Forrister in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Forrister
William Forrister
James Forrister
Thomas Forrister
Robert Forrister
George Forrister
Saml. Forrister
Henry Forrister
Samuel Forrister
Isaac Forrister
Harry Forrister
Wm. Forrister
Fred Forrister
Enoch Forrister
Richard Forrister
Edward Forrister
Peter Forrister
Charles Forrister
Joseph Forrister
Albert Forrister
Gervice Forrister
Frederick Forrister
Frank Forrister
Emmanuel Forrister
Philip Forrister
David Forrister
Lawrance Forrister
Arthur Forrister

Top female forenames

Mary Forrister
Sarah Forrister
Ann Forrister
Emily Forrister
Ellen Forrister
Amelia Forrister
Jane Forrister
Fanny Forrister
Phoebe Forrister
Lily Forrister
Emma Forrister
Elizabeth Forrister
Louisa Forrister
Alice Forrister
Esthur Forrister
Mildred Forrister
Elizabth. Forrister
Martha Forrister
Cathrine Forrister
Lucy Forrister
Bettsy Forrister
Beatrice Forrister
Kate Forrister
Gertrude Forrister
Ada Forrister
Eveleen Forrister
Rachael Forrister
Minnie Forrister
Margret Forrister
Caroline Forrister
Betsy Forrister
Lidia Forrister
Ruth Forrister

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Brass Founder
Porter To Canal Compy (Inland)
Potters Figurer
Potters Handler
Potters Thrower
Potters Turner
Potters Warehouseman
Provision Merchant Empg 4 Men And 2 Boys
Pupil Teacher
Railway Inspector
Writing Clerk
Scholar & H T
Wire Drawer Telegraph
School Mistress
Ship Broker
Silk Spiner
Tray Polisher
Household Work
House Decorator
General Serv (Dom)
Colly Lab
Coal Dealer
China Painter & Gilder
Ag Lab
Agr Lab
Ag Labour
Cotton Piecer
Engineer (Artzan)
General Labourer
Firer Up At A Cotton Mill Wife
Firer Up At A Cotton Mill
Farmers Wife
Farmer Occupying 34 Acres
Farmer 2 1/2 Acre
Farm Labourer
Ag Lab Farmers Son