Forse in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Forse
John Forse
Thomas Forse
James Forse
Henry Forse
Edward Forse
Frank Forse
Robert Forse
Charles Forse
Frederick Forse
Joseph Forse
George Forse
Albert Forse
Ernest Forse
Francis Forse
Edmond Forse
Victor Forse
Ephraim Forse
Manuel Forse
Claude Forse
Augustine Forse
Hallett Forse
Alfred Forse
Wm.Thos. Forse
Walter Forse
Tom Forse
Ephram Forse
Samuel Forse
Edwin Forse
Mark Forse
Chas.Edwin Forse
Joe Forse
Benjamin Forse
Arthur Forse
Zachens Forse

Top female forenames

Sarah Forse
Mary Forse
Elizabeth Forse
Ellen Forse
Emily Forse
Eliza Forse
Matilda Forse
Kate Forse
Jane Forse
Bessie Forse
Ann Forse
Elizth. Forse
Isabella Forse
Hannah Forse
Alice Forse
Ada Forse
Margt.Ann Forse
Elsie Forse
Louisa Forse
Julia Forse
Clarise Forse
Violet Forse
Caroline Forse
Rossa Forse
Florence Forse
Annie Forse
Rosetta Forse
Esther Forse
Emma Forse
Maria Forse
Emeline Forse
Mabel Forse
Edwina Forse
Helen Forse
Charlotte Forse
Francis Forse
Rosina Forse
Eva Forse
Rebbeca Forse
Ester Forse

Top occupations

Cab Driver
Errand Boy
Lab Wife
Cotton Frame Tenter
Boot Maker
Tanners Laborer
Stone Mason
House Work (D)
House Wife
House Painter
House Agent
Innkeepers Wife
Labourer At Saw Mills
Mantle Maker
Journeyman Tailor
Licensed Victualler
Lab On Railway
Lead Seaman
Labourer (Genl)
Hair Cutter
Glass Blower
Brush Maker
Boot Worker
Boot Closer
Boot and Shoe Maker
Bookseller & Stationer
Agricultural Laborer
Building Contractor
Candle Packer
General Machinist Employing 1 Man 1 Boy
Gen Labr
Gas Fitter
Farmers Labourer
Farm Servan (Indoors)
Farm Labourer
Drover (Cattle)
Cotton Piecer (C M)