Forsythe in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Forsythe
John Forsythe
James Forsythe
Thomas Forsythe
Wm. Forsythe
Robert Forsythe
Hugh Forsythe
Samuel Forsythe
Richard Forsythe
Joseph Forsythe
Austin Forsythe
Matthew Forsythe
Alfred Forsythe
Malcoambe Forsythe
Alex Forsythe
Walter Forsythe
Joshua Forsythe
Adam Forsythe
Thos.T. Forsythe
Jorge Forsythe
Jno. Forsythe
Peter Forsythe
Edward Forsythe
Patrick Forsythe
Anderson Forsythe
Mathew Forsythe
Alexander Forsythe
Lionel Forsythe
Alan Forsythe
Victor Forsythe
Thos.Jas. Forsythe
Sidney Forsythe
Jasnet Forsythe
Hy. Forsythe
Rice Forsythe
Gilbert Forsythe
Percy Forsythe

Top female forenames

Mary Forsythe
Sarah Forsythe
Jane Forsythe
Margaret Forsythe
Agnes Forsythe
Elizabeth Forsythe
Alice Forsythe
Charlotte Forsythe
Ellen Forsythe
Isabel Forsythe
Eleanor Forsythe
Hannah Forsythe
Caroline Forsythe
Minnie Forsythe
Annie Forsythe
Maria Forsythe
Ann Forsythe
Louisa Forsythe
Emma Forsythe
Eliza Forsythe
Catherine Forsythe
Betsy Forsythe
Florence Forsythe
Annabella Forsythe
Evelyn Forsythe
Anie Forsythe
Lucy Forsythe
Esther Forsythe
Lilly Forsythe
Emily Forsythe
Hellen Forsythe
Ruth Forsythe
Frances Forsythe
Fanny Forsythe
Luella Forsythe
Eva Forsythe
Letitia Forsythe
Issabella Forsythe
Hephzibah Forsythe
Edith Forsythe
Harriett Forsythe
Rosina Forsythe
Grace Forsythe

Top occupations

General Serv
Labourer In Brickfield
Cotton Spinner
Fitter At Millwrights
Gentleman (Income Derive From Land & Dividends)
General Laborer
General Lab
Flour Dealers Assistant
Gardener (Dom) ((N))
Formerly Farmer
Gunner In Royal Atty
Hatter Unemployed
Licensed Victualler
Letter Carrier
Ladys Maid
Invoice Clerk Railway
Housekeeper Out Of Employ
Finisher Bleach Works
Farmer Of 90 Acres Of Land Employing 2 Men
Farmer of 5 Acres
Cotton Frame Tenter
Coal Miners Widow
Coal Miner
C Print Works Labourer
Bombadier R M A
Bakers Apprentice
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Winder
Dairymaid (Dom)
Farm Labourer
Factory Hand
Engine Fitter
Dress Maker
Domestic Unemployed
Dock Lab
Dattaller In Coalmine