Fortes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Fortes
Harry Fortes
Hosea Fortes
William Fortes
Reuben Fortes
James Fortes
Thomas Fortes
Joseph Fortes
Jobey Fortes
George Fortes
Francis Fortes
David Fortes
Albert Fortes
Levi Fortes
Frank Fortes
Ernest Fortes
Arthur Fortes
A. Fortes
Malechie Fortes

Top female forenames

Emma Fortes
Florence Fortes
Eliza Fortes
Lavinia Fortes
Harriet Fortes
Elizabeth Fortes
Sophia Fortes
Edith Fortes
S.A. Fortes
Caroline Fortes
Maud Fortes
Alice Fortes
Mary Fortes
Liza Fortes
Jane Fortes
Elizth. Fortes
Susanna Fortes
Sarah Fortes
Clara Fortes
Rachel Fortes
Carl.E. Fortes
Matilda Fortes
Alexandria Fortes
Maria Fortes

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Ag Laborer
Ag Labourer
Railway Engine Driver
Ag Lab
Solicitor F S A Deputy Cor For North Bank Clerk WLB Solicitor ... Of Aldershot
Solicitor Wife
Supported By Family
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Farm Labourer
Cotton Weavers Tenter
Cotton Warper
Cotton Rover
Agr Labr
Ag Lab (Pauper)
Working Upholsterer