Foulk in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Foulk
William Foulk
John Foulk
Richard Foulk
Joseph Foulk
Arthur Foulk
James Foulk
Henry Foulk
Wm. Foulk
Jonah Foulk
Jesse Foulk
Herbert Foulk
Harris Foulk
Enoch Foulk
Willowby Foulk
David Foulk
Walter Foulk
Gomer Foulk
Edward Foulk
Cornelius Foulk
Aaron Foulk
Josiah Foulk

Top female forenames

Mary Foulk
Sarah Foulk
Jane Foulk
Ellen Foulk
Harriet Foulk
Gertrude Foulk
Elizabeth Foulk
Edith Foulk
Annie Foulk
Alice Foulk
Harriett Foulk
Hannah Foulk
Eliza Foulk
Catherine Foulk
Ann Foulk
Ada Foulk
Nelly Foulk

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Stone Miner
Colliery Lab
Lock Maker (Rim)
Labourers Wife
Apprentice To Carpenter
Mohair & Worsted Braid Pattern Maker
Nurse At Home
Pearl Button Maker
Hawker Of Hardware & Soft Goods
Genl Laborer Wife
Genl Laborer
Coal Higgler
Coal Higgler Wife
Cook (Domestic)
Cotton Framework Knitter
Cowman (Indoor)(Agl)
Farm Labourer
Farm Labourer (4 1/2 Ac)
Farmer Of 45 Acres Emp 1 Man
Gardener (Dom)
Wine Cellerman