Fountaine in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Charles Fountaine
William Fountaine
Thomas Fountaine
George Fountaine
Bernard Fountaine
Newland Fountaine
James Fountaine
Henry Fountaine
Joseph Fountaine
Harry Fountaine
Geo. Fountaine
Frederick Fountaine
W.J. Fountaine
David Fountaine
Sarah Fountaine
Andrew Fountaine
Abel Fountaine
Fredk. Fountaine
Walter Fountaine
Edward Fountaine
Thos.Francis Fountaine
T.St.George Fountaine
Arthur Fountaine
Robert Fountaine
Alfred Fountaine
Isaac Fountaine

Top female forenames

Mary Fountaine
Elizabeth Fountaine
Sarah Fountaine
Annie Fountaine
Fanny Fountaine
Ann Fountaine
Charlotte Fountaine
Marion Fountaine
Caroline Fountaine
Lydia Fountaine
Linda Fountaine
Alice Fountaine
Jane Fountaine
Ada Fountaine
Winifred Fountaine
Enid Fountaine
Elizth. Fountaine
Olive Fountaine
Christine Fountaine
Martha Fountaine
Charlette Fountaine
Maria Fountaine
Blanche Fountaine
Lucy Fountaine
Lily Fountaine
Agnes Fountaine
Harriett Fountaine
Evelyn Fountaine
Susan Fountaine
Emily Fountaine
Rose Fountaine

Top occupations

Farmers Daughter
Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Teacher Of Languages
Straw Hat Blocker Wife
Grocer & Fellmonger
Master At Arms
Retired Army Officer
Straw Plaiter
Servant Domestic
Shoe Hand
Silk Winder
Straw Hat Blocker
Genl Serv
Farmers Wife
Carter At Flour Mill
Clerk Wine Trade
Commercial Hotel (Keeper)
Drapers Apprentice
Drapers Assistant
Farm Lands & Dividends (No Oc)
Farmer (200 Acres Emp 6 Men & Four Boys)
Farmer 170 Acres 5 Men
Farmer 308 Acres 5 Men 1 Boy
Farmer Of 320 Acres Employing 7 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer Of 472 Acres Employ 14 Men & Boys
Farmers Foreman Bailiff
Vicar Sutton St Matthew