Fraley in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Edmund Fraley
Samuel Fraley
Timothy Fraley
Thomas Fraley
Nathaniel Fraley
Henry Fraley
Bertie Fraley
Victora Fraley
Thos.G. Fraley
John Fraley
Harold Fraley
Charles Fraley
William Fraley

Top female forenames

Sarah Fraley
Mary Fraley
Isabel Fraley
Dainty Fraley
Violet Fraley
Blanche Fraley
Alice Fraley
Mercy Fraley
Matilda Fraley
Margaret Fraley
Kate Fraley
Isabelle Fraley
Elizabeth Fraley
Clara Fraley
Susan Fraley
Amy Fraley
Olive Fraley
May Fraley
Mabel Fraley
Ivy Fraley

Top occupations

Wire Rope Maker
School Mistress Public Elemty
Turkish Baths Manageress
Turkish Baths Manager (Serv)
Stay Budden
Sewing Work
Housekeeper (Dom)
Engineer To Prison (E&M)
Domestic Servant
Commercial Traveller To A Miller
Comb Maker
Candle Wick Maker
Brewers Cooper