Frame in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Frame
James Frame
William Frame
Thomas Frame
Joseph Frame
Robert Frame
George Frame
Samuel Frame
Henry Frame
David Frame
Frederick Frame
Alfred Frame
Hy. Frame
Andrew Frame
Alexander Frame
Thos. Frame
Robt. Frame
Ernest Frame
Albert Frame
Charles Frame
Fredk. Frame
Anthony Frame
Patrick Frame
Chas. Frame
Harry Frame
Benjamin Frame
Fredk.W. Frame
Arthur Frame
Ann Frame
Rob. Frame
Moses Frame
Edmond Frame
Wm. Frame
Jesse Frame
Colin Frame
Thos.P. Frame
Brown Frame
Sydney Frame
Benj. Frame
Sam Frame
Francis Frame
Edward Frame
Lockhart Frame
Douglas Frame
Cuthbert Frame
Herbert Frame
Catherine Frame
T. Frame

Top female forenames

Mary Frame
Elizabeth Frame
Jane Frame
Sarah Frame
Margaret Frame
Ann Frame
Hannah Frame
Annie Frame
Emma Frame
Maria Frame
Ellen Frame
Catherine Frame
Alice Frame
Emily Frame
Agnes Frame
Charlotte Frame
Jessie Frame
Sophia Frame
Eleanor Frame
Bridget Frame
Anna Frame
Amelia Frame
Eliza Frame
Edith Frame
Martha Frame
Frances Frame
Fanny Frame
Margt. Frame
Caroline Frame
Elsie Frame
Isabella Frame
Elizath Frame
Amily Frame
Helena Frame
Eliza. Frame
Minnie Frame
Ada Frame
Georgiana Frame
Clementina Frame
Marion Frame
Florence Frame
Cecilia Frame
Fanetta Frame
Cath. Frame
Esther Frame
Julia Frame
Thomasina Frame
Selina Frame
Amy Frame
Isabel Frame

Top occupations

School Boy
Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Chimney Sweep
Governess (School)
Commercial Clerk
Cotton Weaver
Colliery Manager
Tax Collector (Steno)
Clerk Railway
Dress Maker
Dealer In Artists Material
No Employment
Innkeepers Daur
Game Dealer
General Labourer
Engine Fitter
Engineer Fitter
Engine Smith (E M)
Domestic Servant
Cotton Winder
Engine Driver
Engine Driver At Colliery
Engine Smith
Chimney Sweep Son
Book Keeper
Boy 1 Class
Buyer Of Cotton Goods (DLR)
Caulker At Iron Ship
Chimney Sweep Wife
Chimney Sweeper
Coal Miner Unemployed
Colliery Overman
Colliery Overmans Wife
Commercial Travellers Clerk