Franck in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Franck
William Franck
Thomas Franck
Luther Franck
James Franck
Harold Franck
Franz Franck
Edouard Franck
Arthur Franck
Max Franck
Jean Franck
Henry Franck
Frederick Franck
Ernest Franck
Arnold Franck

Top female forenames

Jessie Franck
Helen Franck
Fanny Franck
Elinor Franck
Ciceli Franck
Sabina Franck
Bina Franck
Rosa Franck
Ann Franck
Maria Franck
Louisa Franck
James Franck
Florence Franck
Eliza Franck
Edith Franck
Silie Franck
Cecilia Franck
Rose Franck
Annie Franck
Mary Franck
Alice Franck
Margaret Franck

Top occupations

Gold Chain Maker
Silversmith Shop Keeper
Servant Domestic
Retired Brewers Cashier
Metal Merchant
Ladys Maie
Jeweller & Silversmith
A.B. Seaman (MS)
Foreign Correspondent (Clerk)
Commission & Agent
Cabinet Maker
Bank Manager
Artist In Hair
Accountant Jersey Gas Light Co (Clerk)
Wife Of A Mechanical Engineer Agent