Francom in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Charles Francom
Joseph Francom
George Francom
Henry Francom
Thomas Francom
James Francom
William Francom
Wm. Francom
Thos. Francom
John Francom
Ezra Francom
David Francom
Benjamin Francom
Albert Francom
Samuel Francom
Josiah Francom
Edward Francom
Alfred Francom
Theophilius Francom
Martin Francom
Joshua Francom

Top female forenames

Mary Francom
Eliza Francom
Charlotte Francom
Alice Francom
Fanny Francom
Emily Francom
Catherine Francom
Ann Francom
Elizth. Francom
Edith Francom
Margarate Francom
Anna Francom
Lizzie Francom
Lilian Francom
Ada Francom
Gertrude Francom
Rebecca Francom
Dorothy Francom
Martha Francom
Louise Francom
Lilly Francom
Agnes Francom
Isabella Francom
Florance Francom
Esther Francom
Sophia Francom

Top occupations

Under Clothing Machinist
No Occupation
At School
Office Cleaner (Charwoman)
Picture Frame Maker
Plumber And Painter
Plumber Zinc Worker
Plumbers Zinc Worker
Milliner Under Clothing Machinist
Licensed Victualler
Barman (Inn)
Cabinet Maker
Coachman (D)
Coachman (N)
General Laborer
Genl Servant
Groom (Dom)
Hosier To Glover (Empt Assnt) ?
Hosier Wife
Under Clothing Machinist (Seamstress)