Frater in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Frater
George Frater
James Frater
Thomas Frater
William Frater
Robert Frater
Richard Frater
David Frater
Ralph Frater
Mark Frater
Henry Frater
Alexander Frater
Edward Frater
Oliver Frater
Charles Frater
Frederick Frater
Peter Frater
Moses Frater
Andrew Frater
Willie Frater
Walter Frater
Harry Frater
Geo. Frater
Fred Frater
Ralf Frater
Morgan Frater
Mathew Frater
Arthur Frater
Willm. Frater
Alfred Frater
Adam Frater
Thos. Frater
Francis Frater
Edmund Frater
Cuthbert Frater
Matthew Frater
Burnip Frater
Wm. Frater

Top female forenames

Mary Frater
Isabella Frater
Jane Frater
Elizabeth Frater
Margaret Frater
Hannah Frater
Ann Frater
Sarah Frater
Ellen Frater
Catherine Frater
Agnes Frater
Eleanor Frater
Harriett Frater
Barbara Frater
Annie Frater
Ada Frater
Florence Frater
Euphemia Frater
Alice Frater
Eliza Frater
Marion Frater
Margt. Frater
Lizzie Frater
Adel. Frater
Eliz.Jane Frater
Charlotte Frater
Priscilla Frater
Cath. Frater
Marianne Frater
Emily Frater
Margret Frater
Ellenor Frater
Elizth. Frater
Adelaide Frater
Joan Frater
James Frater
Eliz. Frater
Heneritte Frater
Christina Frater
Phillis Frater
Fanny Frater
Caroline Frater
Esther Frater
Babra Frater
Emiley Frater
Margrate Frater

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Draper And Grocer Shop
Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
Farmers Son
Lodging House Keeper
French Polisher
Ag La
Grocer Apprentice
Dress Maker
Drapery Manager
Draper Apprentice
Farmers Wife
E M Engineers Store Keeper
Engine Fitter
Engine Smith (Unemployed)
Farmer Of 60 Acres
Engine Stoker N E Ry
Farmer Of 48 Acres
Farmer Of 275 Acres Employing 3 Labourers
Errand Boy
Farmer Of 259 Ac Employing 3 Men & 2 Women
Cabinet Maker
Commercial Traveller (Drapery)
Bottle Maker
Beer House
Barman (Inn)
Bankers Clerk(Serv)
Bank Accountant (Linc)
Apprentice Blacksmith
Chair & Sofa Wood Carver
Colliery Overman Wife
Colliery Overman
Clerk Railway
Chemist Apprentice
Chemist & Drysalter
Chem Lab