Frearson in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Frearson
Thomas Frearson
William Frearson
George Frearson
Joseph Frearson
James Frearson
Charles Frearson
Alfred Frearson
Henry Frearson
Samuel Frearson
Abraham Frearson
Lovett Frearson
Walter Frearson
Edward Frearson
Richard Frearson
David Frearson
Benjamin Frearson
Arthur Frearson
Frederick Frearson
Robert Frearson
Edgar Frearson
Rheuben Frearson
Daniel Frearson
Wm.Henry Frearson
Jonathan Frearson
Ben Frearson
Wm Frearson
Alan Frearson
A. Frearson
G.H. Frearson
Sam Frearson
Reuben Frearson
Chas. Frearson
Wm. Frearson
Herman Frearson
Albert Frearson
Timothy Frearson
Harry Frearson
Stephen Frearson
Geo. Frearson
Saml. Frearson

Top female forenames

Mary Frearson
Elizabeth Frearson
Sarah Frearson
Hannah Frearson
Ann Frearson
Eliza Frearson
Emma Frearson
Alice Frearson
Martha Frearson
Harriet Frearson
Annie Frearson
Jane Frearson
Edith Frearson
Margaret Frearson
Kate Frearson
Ellen Frearson
Florence Frearson
Isabella Frearson
Harriett Frearson
Charlotte Frearson
Fanny Frearson
Ada Frearson
Frances Frearson
Florance Frearson
Thirza Frearson
Anne Frearson
Rose Frearson
Henrietta Frearson
Chatherine Frearson
Marion Frearson
Francis Frearson
Charlote Frearson
Walter Frearson
Louisa Frearson
Fany Frearson
Tamar Frearson
Lilian Frearson
Susan Frearson
Laurie Frearson
Emila Frearson
Aggy Frearson
Elizath. Frearson
Nellie Frearson
A.E. Frearson
Matilda Frearson
E. Frearson
Maria Frearson
Casandria Frearson
Margar.A. Frearson
Lily Frearson

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farm Labourer
Farmers Son
No Occupn
Retired Farmer
Farmer & Grazier
Farm Servant Indoor
General Servant
Winder In Factory (Lace)
Hard Silk Winder
Hatter & Stationer
Shoe Fitter
Embosser Of Stationery
Railway Clerk
House Keeper
Tailor & Outfitter
General Laborer
Farm Laborer
Ag Labourer
General Serv
Butchers Master
General Domestic Servant
A G Laborer
Ag Labs Wife
Farm Servt Indoor
Ag Labourer Wife
A G Laborers Wife
Farm Serv. (Indoor)
Working In Gardens
Bookbinders Assist
Cloth Finisher Uneployd
Coachman (Dom)
Cotton Carder
Cotton Frame Tenter
Cotton Spinner
Bricklayer (Now In Gas Works)
Brick Yard Labourer