Freeburn in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Freeburn
William Freeburn
Francis Freeburn
Joseph Freeburn
John Freeburn
George Freeburn
Charles Freeburn

Top female forenames

Mary Freeburn
Sarah Freeburn
Margaret Freeburn
Mabel Freeburn
Jane Freeburn
Gertrude Freeburn
Esther Freeburn
Elizabeth Freeburn
Caroline Freeburn
Jemima Freeburn
Isabella Freeburn
Euphemia Freeburn
Emily Freeburn
Catherine Freeburn
Agnes Freeburn
Rosanna Freeburn
Maria Freeburn

Top occupations

Retired Deputy Commisare Of Order Dept
P... Captain ... Royal ...
No Occupation
Housekeeper (Dom)
House Painter
General Labourer
Felt Hat Trimmer
Contractor For Brickworks
Clerk Acct Genl Dept Admiralty