Freeling in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Hugh Freeling
Charles Freeling
George Freeling
Arthur Freeling
Rivers Freeling
John Freeling
Harry Freeling
Francis Freeling
William Freeling
Mary Freeling
James Freeling
Henry Freeling
Ernest Freeling

Top female forenames

Gertrude Freeling
Georgina Freeling
Winifred Freeling
Eliza Freeling
Edith Freeling
Mary Freeling
Grace Freeling
Ethal Freeling
Marion Freeling
Margaret Freeling
Beatrice Freeling
Julia Freeling
Agnes Freeling
Jeanette Freeling
Harriett Freeling
Florence Freeling
Winifried Freeling
Elizabeth Freeling
Elinor Freeling
Maria Freeling
Charlotte Freeling
Louisa Freeling
Amabel Freeling
Jeannette Freeling
Adilade Freeling
Hazel Freeling

Top occupations

Vicar Of Holywell And Sub Warden Of Merton College Oxford
Teacher (Private)
Solicitors Law Clerk
Senior Clerk Legacy Duty Office
Post Office Inspectors Wife
No Occupation Annuitant
Kitchen Maid
Governess (Private)
Formerly Bill Poster
Coachman (Dom)
Baronet Son
Baronet Major Gent Retired R Engineers
Baronet Daughter