Freelove in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Freelove
Joseph Freelove
Henry Freelove
James Freelove
Albert Freelove
George Freelove
John Freelove
Willm. Freelove
Walter Freelove
Augustus Freelove
Richard Freelove
Job Freelove
Francais Freelove
Wm. Freelove
Charles Freelove
Bartlett Freelove
W. Freelove
Arthur Freelove
Markwell Freelove
Abraham Freelove
Harry Freelove
Frederick Freelove
Edwin Freelove
Benjn. Freelove

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Freelove
Mary Freelove
Eliza Freelove
Emma Freelove
Frances Freelove
Emily Freelove
Ann Freelove
Ellen Freelove
Sarah Freelove
Charlotte Freelove
Hester Freelove
Bessie Freelove
Hannah Freelove
Florence Freelove
Ethel Freelove
Ruth Freelove
Matilda Freelove
Marion Freelove
Jessie Freelove
Edith Freelove
Isabella Freelove
Caroline Freelove
Harriet Freelove
Anne Freelove
Alice Freelove
Fanny Freelove
Emmeline Freelove
Phebe Freelove
Elizebeth Freelove
Lydith Freelove
Jane Freelove

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Agri Lab
Marble Polisher
Machinist Lace M
Labourer Telegraph Works
Labourer G
No Occupn
Nurse Serv
Provisions Commercial Travl
Wife Of Accountant
Van Boy
Servant Housemaid
Scullery Maid Dom Serv
Scullery Maid
Railway Guard
Kitn Maid
Grooms Wife
Groom (Dom)
Commercial Traveller
Chimney Sweep
Bricklayers Labourer
Bottle Washer (Cellerman)
Agricultural Agent (Farm Bailiff)
Agl Lab
Ag Lab Wife
Companion (DS)
General Serv Dom
General Laborer
General Lab
Engine Driver (Brickfield)
Drum Maker
Cook Domestic Servant
Ag Lab Plough Boy