Freely in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Freely
James Freely
Timothy Freely
Michael Freely
Martin Freely
Walter Freely
Matthew Freely
Japsnich Freely
George Freely

Top female forenames

Mary Freely
Catherine Freely
Norah Freely
Margaret Freely
Isabella Freely
Eliza Freely
Anna Freely
Selina Freely
Joanna Freely
Ellen Freely
Ann Freely

Top occupations

Farm Servant Indoor
Bricklayers Lab
Ag Lab
Retired From Business
Retired Hawker
Royal Navy (Seaman)
General Servent
General Labourer
Foreman At Night Soil Dept
Draper Mast Employing 18 Men 17 Girls 6 Boys
Domestic Servant
Bricklayers Laborer
Boot Maker
Teacher Of Classics And Languages