Frere in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Frere
Henry Frere
Charles Frere
William Frere
George Frere
Edward Frere
James Frere
Walter Frere
Bartle Frere
Arthur Frere
Eustace Frere
Constantine Frere
Robert Frere
Geareald Frere
Butler Frere
Reginald Frere
Frederic Frere
Aubrey Frere
Mac Frere
Francis Frere
Alfred Frere
Leonard Frere
Ernest Frere
Horace Frere
Earnest Frere
Duglas Frere
Gilbert Frere
Douglas Frere
Robt.T. Frere
Geo.A. Frere
Richard Frere
Frederick Frere
Percy Frere
Frank Frere
Lionel Frere
Edwd. Frere
Hubert Frere
Edgar Frere
Herbert Frere
E.H. Frere
Harold Frere
Dudley Frere
Samuel Frere

Top female forenames

Mary Frere
Edith Frere
Anne Frere
Catherine Frere
Helen Frere
Grace Frere
Margaret Frere
Isabella Frere
Ellen Frere
Adelaide Frere
Emily Frere
Cecilia Frere
Fanny Frere
Violet Frere
Gertrude Frere
Charlotte Frere
Lucy Frere
Antonina Frere
Julia Frere
Winifred Frere
Anna Frere
Jane Frere
Ellise Frere
Theresa Frere
Agnes Frere
Elizth.Hilda Frere
Susan Frere
Ada Frere
Hannah Frere
Eliza Frere
Polly Frere
Constance Frere
Maria Frere
Georgine Frere
Florance Frere
Cassantra Frere
Louisa Frere
Beatrice Frere
Katherine Frere
Esther Frere
Jessie Frere
Emeline Frere
Amy Frere
Susannah Frere
Harriet Frere
Elizabeth Frere
Priscilla Frere
Gwenllian Frere
Margarette Frere
Frances Frere

Top occupations

(Daur Of Above)
Officers Child
M.A. Cantab F.R.C.P. London Physician Not Practising Wine Merchant
No Occupation
Music (IN)
Metal Pipe Maker (Oyant)
Mason Wife
Land Agent And Surveyor
Magistrate Barrister Not In Practice
Officers Son
Student Of Theolgy
Sols Artd Clerk
Solicitors Bookkeeper (Law Clerk)
Retire Officer
Rectors Wife
Rector Of Horham
Rector Daur
Rector & Magistrate
Officers Wife
J.P. For Norfolk (Local Off)
Income Derived From Interest Of Money
Barrister Not Practising (CSO) Examining & Trading Offcr Hse Of Parliament
Barrister At Law
Baronet Privy Councellor Retired Indian Civil Servant
Bank Clerk
Asst In Lab Department Treasury
Articled Clerk (Solicitor)
Accountants Clerk
Capt Royal Surgeons Active
Civil Engineer
Housemaid (Dom Servt)
Furniture Dealer
Fund Holder
From Dividends
Curate Of Ditchingham B.A.
Commissioner In Lunacy
Clerk In House Of Commons Offices (CSO)
Clergymans Wife
Civil Servts Widow