Freund in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Freund
Otto Freund
Philip Freund
Julius Freund
Hilarius Freund
Emanuel Freund
Victor Freund
John Freund
Heinrich Freund
Emild Freund

Top female forenames

Harriett Freund
Florence Freund
Emma Freund
Elsie Freund
Ann Freund
Louise Freund
Helena Freund
Hannah Freund
Ethel Freund
Emily Freund
Bertha Freund
Victoria Freund
Louis Freund

Top occupations

Artist (Painter)
Secretary In The German Consul No Occ
Proffer Of Music & Languages
Master Of Modern Languages
Income Derivd From Dividends
Commercial Clerk
Clerk Wholesale And Provision Grocery
Teacher Of Languages