Friedlander in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Friedlander
Simeon Friedlander
Arthur Friedlander
Max Friedlander
Julius Friedlander
Henry Friedlander
Harold Friedlander
Gerald Friedlander
Emil Friedlander
David Friedlander
William Friedlander
Bertie Friedlander
Montague Friedlander
Albert Friedlander
Mark Friedlander
Isaac Friedlander
Harris Friedlander
Gershon Friedlander
Erasmus Friedlander
Edmund Friedlander

Top female forenames

Mary Friedlander
Amelia Friedlander
Alice Friedlander
Charlotte Friedlander
Rositta Friedlander
Laura Friedlander
Frances Friedlander
Emma Friedlander
Dora Friedlander
Agnes Friedlander
Rose Friedlander
Leah Friedlander
Hannah Friedlander
Fanny Friedlander
Elizabeth Friedlander

Top occupations

Fancy Goods Importer
Apprentice To Ticket Writing
Stationers Assistant
Principal Of School (Master)
Manufacturers Agent (Leather Goods)
LLB Cambridge Vice Presdt School
Governess Pvte
Forwarding Shipping Agent
Engravers Apprentice
Diamond Merchant
Clerk To Burial Society United Synagogue (Ms Serv)
Cigar Merchant
Cab Proprietor
Boot Maker
Traveller In Watch Makers Tools