Friedman in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Isaac Friedman
Jacob Friedman
Abraham Friedman
Morris Friedman
Moses Friedman
Michael Friedman
Louis Friedman
Joseph Friedman
Lazarus Friedman
Samuel Friedman
Ephraim Friedman
Elias Friedman
Aaron Friedman
Henry Friedman
Harris Friedman
Marcus Friedman
Solomon Friedman
Joe Friedman
Paul Friedman
Hyman Friedman
Myer Friedman
Harry Friedman
Marks Friedman
Bernard Friedman
Barend Friedman
Wolfe Friedman
Simon Friedman
Ralph Friedman
Hymen Friedman
Nathan Friedman
Murice Friedman
Ellis Friedman
Max Friedman
Daniel Friedman
Barnet Friedman

Top female forenames

Sarah Friedman
Rachel Friedman
Esther Friedman
Hannah Friedman
Mary Friedman
Leah Friedman
Bertha Friedman
Anna Friedman
Polly Friedman
Anne Friedman
Rosa Friedman
Rachael Friedman
Celia Friedman
Mendsol Friedman
Birtha Friedman
Martha Friedman
Lydia Friedman
August Friedman
Annia Friedman
Janet Friedman
Rosetta Friedman
Henrietta Friedman
Amalie Friedman
Risa Friedman
Friede Friedman
Racheal Friedman
Dora Friedman
Cecilia Friedman
Betsy Friedman
M. Friedman
Augusta Friedman
Louie Friedman
Annie Friedman
Johanna Friedman
Jane Friedman
Amelia Friedman

Top occupations

Picture Frame Maker
Genl Dealer
Nurse (Dom)
Watch Maker
Machineist (Boot Trade)
Journeyman Tailor
Husband In America
Paper Hanger
Picture Dealer
Picture Frame Hawker
Picture Frame Manuf
Presser To Tailoress
Slipper Maker
Slipper Maker (Shoe)
Travelling Jeweller (Huckster)
Historian (Auth)
Hawker (Sponges)
Collector C L R Wife
Collector C L R
Clothier (Tailor)
Carver & Gilder
Cap Manufacturer (Employing 5 Hands)
Boot Maker Wife
Boot Maker
Domestic Servant
Dress - Maker
Governess (T Private)
Glass & Paint Merchant (Dlr)
General Dealers Wife
General Dealer
Boot Finisher