Frizell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Frizell
Richard Frizell
Joseph Frizell
George Frizell
Frederick Frizell
Charles Frizell
William Frizell
Willm. Frizell
Robert Frizell
James Frizell
Thos Frizell
Robt. Frizell
Henry Frizell
Geo. Frizell
Frank Frizell
Timothy Frizell
Thomas Frizell

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Frizell
Mary Frizell
Sarah Frizell
Annie Frizell
Maria Frizell
Margaret Frizell
Harriet Frizell
Winifred Frizell
Esther Frizell
Matilda Frizell
Catherine Frizell
Marion Frizell
Agnes Frizell
Margt. Frizell
Lucy Frizell
Josephine Frizell
Jane Frizell
Frances Frizell
Sophia Frizell
Ellen Frizell
Maud Frizell
Eleanor Frizell
Louisa Frizell
Jessie Frizell

Top occupations

Farmer Sister
Butler (Dom Serv)
Agent Estate (House)
Housekeeper (Lodg)
Farmers Steward
Jack Frame Tenter
Man Servant
Master Joiner
Master Joiner Wife
Retired Linen Draper
Shoe Maker
Farmer Wife
Farmer Son
Apprentice (Joiner)
Clergmans Wife
Clerk (Unemployed)
Coal Miner
Colliery Blacksmith
Curate Of Herodsfoot
Dispensing Chemist
Farmer Mother
Farmer Of 100 Ac
Farmer Of 55 Ac
Farmer Of 95 Acres
Traveller (Com)