Froment in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Froment
John Froment
William Froment
Robert Froment
George Froment
Walter Froment
James Froment
Arthur Froment
F. Froment
Byrons Froment
Alexander Froment
Samuel Froment
Llewellyn Froment
Frederick Froment
Elliott Froment

Top female forenames

Sarah Froment
Mary Froment
Eliza Froment
Martha Froment
Georgina Froment
Florence Froment
Elizabeth Froment
Elenor Froment
Sheilah Froment
Caroline Froment
Rebecca Froment
Amy Froment
Phebe Froment
Henritta Froment
Francis Froment
Emelia Froment
Susan Froment
Edith Froment
Bridgett Froment
Phoebe Froment
Miltada Froment

Top occupations

Agr. Labr.
Farmer Son
Railway Porter
(Corn) Miller
Publican & Ag. Lab.
Publican & Ag. Lab. Wife
Miller's Wife
Miller's Son
Pupil Teacher
Labour Or Horse Driver
Farmer Wife
Farmer Dautr.
(Dom Servant)
Agricultural Engine Driver (Mach Attendt)
Agricultural Laborer
Assistant Of Ladies School
Attendant & Genl Servt
Brewer & Gardener
Builder & Wheelwright
Farmer 300 Acres