Fruin in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Fruin
William Fruin
John Fruin
Joseph Fruin
Alfred Fruin
James Fruin
Henry Fruin
Edward Fruin
Arthur Fruin
Charles Fruin
Frederick Fruin
Walter Fruin
Harry Fruin
Thomas Fruin
Richard Fruin
Frank Fruin
Edgar Fruin
Cecil Fruin
Herbert Fruin
Albert Fruin
Willm. Fruin
Fred Fruin
F. Fruin
Paul Fruin
Aubrey Fruin
Horace Fruin
Wm. Fruin
Harold Fruin
Wadkin Fruin
Shadrach Fruin
Edwin Fruin
Percy Fruin

Top female forenames

Mary Fruin
Elizabeth Fruin
Emily Fruin
Alice Fruin
Edith Fruin
Annie Fruin
Sarah Fruin
Ann Fruin
Jane Fruin
Emma Fruin
Eliza Fruin
Martha Fruin
Ellen Fruin
Louisa Fruin
Amy Fruin
Ada Fruin
Hester Fruin
Catherine Fruin
Beatrice Fruin
Lucy Fruin
Caroline Fruin
Annah Fruin
Lillian Fruin
Elizh. Fruin
Rosina Fruin
Katherine Fruin
Rachael Fruin
Jemima Fruin
Eillia Fruin
Olive Fruin
E.A. Fruin
Mercy Fruin
Grace Fruin
Clara Fruin
Maud Fruin
Fredeswise Fruin
Evelyn Fruin
Zoe Fruin
Susan Fruin
Anne Fruin
Louesa Fruin
Lilian Fruin
Elizebth Fruin
Rhoda Fruin
Amelia Fruin
Kate Fruin
Phoebe Fruin
Agnes Fruin
Minnie Fruin
Helena Fruin

Top occupations

Agr Lab
Agricultural Laborer
Dress Maker
Agricultural Labourer
Farm Labourer
Domestic Servant
Farmers Daughter
Pin Worker
Housemaid (Dom Servant)
Hallkeeper At Theatre
Grocer Unem
Greenwich Pensioner
General Sevt
General Servt Domestic
General Servt
General Serv Domestic
Housekeeper Domestic Servant
Housekeeper Dom
Housekeeper (Dom Serv) (Brewers)
House Painter
Ironmongers Foreman
Hospital Nurse
General Labourer
Woollen Cloth Worker
Brass Finisher
Brewers Laborer
Cabnet Maker
Card Maker
Clerk Wine Mercht
Coachman Dom Serv
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Engine Driver
Farm Laborer
Farmer Of 65 Acres
Fishmongers Assistant
Game Keeper
Gardener (M)
Gardener Dom
Gardeners Wife Laundress