Fuell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Fuell
Richard Fuell
William Fuell
John Fuell
George Fuell
Charles Fuell
Wm. Fuell
Thomas Fuell
Patrick Fuell
Edward Fuell
Robert Fuell
Phillip Fuell

Top female forenames

Mary Fuell
Eliza Fuell
Ann Fuell
Annie Fuell
Ada Fuell
Phillias Fuell
Margaret Fuell
Florence Fuell
Emma Fuell
Sarah Fuell
Pauline Fuell
Maria Fuell
Jane Fuell
Ethel Fuell
Elizabeth Fuell

Top occupations

Engine Fitter At Works
Stage Actor
Servant (Domestic)
Apprentice To Fitter At Work
Marine Store Dealer
Assistant School Mistress
Labourer In Brickfield
Labourer General
Labourer Brickfield
Guilder (Out Of Work)(Carver)
General Labourer
Fitter (E & M)
Farm Laborer
Travelling ((Labourer)) Brazier