Fulham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Fulham
James Fulham
John Fulham
George Fulham
Patrick Fulham
William Fulham
Charles Fulham
Henry Fulham
Alfred Fulham
Francis Fulham
Andrew Fulham
Joseph Fulham
Peter Fulham
Bernard Fulham
Micheal Fulham
Luke Fulham
Edward Fulham
Michael Fulham
Albert Fulham
Jesse Fulham
Frederick Fulham
Edwin Fulham
Thos. Fulham
Christopher Fulham

Top female forenames

Mary Fulham
Elizabeth Fulham
Catherine Fulham
Ann Fulham
Jane Fulham
Agnes Fulham
Emily Fulham
Julia Fulham
Annie Fulham
Sarah Fulham
Ellen Fulham
Harriett Fulham
Susan Fulham
Harline Fulham
Alice Fulham
Sininia Fulham
Fanny Fulham
Rosa Fulham
Elizabth. Fulham
Margarete Fulham
Eliza Fulham
Lily Fulham
Charlott Fulham
Celia Fulham
Winifred Fulham
Harriet Fulham
Amelia Fulham
Sophia Fulham
Georgina Fulham
Emma Fulham
Rachael Fulham
Martha Fulham
Margaret Fulham
Charlotte Fulham
Letitia Fulham
Celina Fulham
Josephine Fulham

Top occupations

Cotton Reeler
General Laborer
Silk Winder
Groom (Dom)
House Work
Hos Servt
Fustian Weaver
Ho Painter
Gen Lab
Gunsmith Out Of Employ
Hall Porter
No Occupation
No Occ
Lace Dresser
Labourer On Highway
Laborer (Iron Foundry)
Lab Iron Works
Foundry Labourer (Iron Manuf)
Formerly Laundress
Cook (Ship)
Cook (N D)
Cook (Dom)
Chelsea Pensioner (Army)
Charge Of Jute Sack Serving Depots
Brush Maker
Boy Servant Milk
Wife Of Fireman
Cotton Mill Cardroom
Cotton Operative
Formaley School Mistress
Fish Salesman
Engine Turner
Engine Fitter Unemployed
Engine Fitter
Doubler In Cotton Mill
Domestic Servnt
Cotton Winder
Cotton Weaver