Fullick in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Fullick
George Fullick
James Fullick
John Fullick
Alfred Fullick
Henry Fullick
Walter Fullick
Edwin Fullick
Edward Fullick
Frederick Fullick
Arthur Fullick
Albert Fullick
Thomas Fullick
Harry Fullick
Daniel Fullick
Herbert Fullick
Henery Fullick
Fredrick Fullick
Richard Fullick
Ernest Fullick
Mark Fullick
Willm. Fullick
Silas Fullick
Frank Fullick
Eli Fullick
Martin Fullick
Charles Fullick
Hy.Wm. Fullick
Willie Fullick
Geo. Fullick
Sydney Fullick
Sidney Fullick
Philip Fullick

Top female forenames

Mary Fullick
Elizabeth Fullick
Jane Fullick
Alice Fullick
Charlotte Fullick
Ann Fullick
Sarah Fullick
Eliza Fullick
Ellen Fullick
Emily Fullick
Edith Fullick
Annie Fullick
Grace Fullick
Fanny Fullick
Ada Fullick
Esther Fullick
Louisa Fullick
Harriett Fullick
Rosa Fullick
Frances Fullick
Minnie Fullick
Emma Fullick
Catherine Fullick
Holiff Fullick
Rose Fullick
Pheoba Fullick
Maude Fullick
Lydia Fullick
Elizh.A. Fullick
Kate Fullick
Sophia Fullick
Arenie Fullick
Ruth Fullick
Alberta Fullick
Ethel Fullick
Matilda Fullick
Martha Fullick
Lucy Fullick
Katie Fullick
Susan Fullick
Jessie Fullick

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agricultural Laborer
Farm Laborer
Carter Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Labr Wife
Ag Labr
Farm Baliff
Woodmans Wife
Farm Servant
Farm Works
Farmer Of 16 Acres
Gardener Domestic Serv
Genr Servant
Horse Trainer (Huntsman)
General Serv Domestic
General Labr
General Labourer
Gen Serv
Gen Laborer
Housemaid (Domestic)
Governess (Schoolmistress)
Domestic Serv
Carters Wife
Carter (Ag)
Butcher Boy
Brewers Drayman
Booksellers Assistant
Booking Office Keeper Clerk (Comm Clk)
Caterer & Chef (Not Dom)
Dom Serv
Dairy Woman (Ag Lab)
Cowman Ag Lab
Corporal A S C
Cook Dom
Cook (Domestic)
Cook (Dom Serv)