Bard in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bard
James Bard
Alfred Bard
John Bard
Robert Bard
William Bard
Geo. Bard
Samuel Bard
Charles Bard
Richard Bard
Frederick Bard
Arthur Bard
Louis Bard
Emile Bard
Stanislas Bard
Henry Bard
Fred. Bard
Ernest Bard
Walter Bard
Jesse Bard
Thomas Bard
Herbert Bard
Benjamin Bard
Fred Bard
Wm.Stearn Bard
Alice Bard
Laura Bard
Albert Bard
Edward Bard
Wallis Bard
Jeremiah Bard
David Bard
Hilton Bard
Clifford Bard
Chandler Bard
Reuben Bard
Hany Bard
C. Bard
Percy Bard
B. Bard
Mathew Bard
Arther Bard
Lewis Bard
Wm. Bard
Joseph Bard
Edwin Bard
Abel Bard
Dudley Bard
Daniel Bard
Harry Bard

Top female forenames

Mary Bard
Eliza Bard
Sarah Bard
Annie Bard
Elizabeth Bard
Ann Bard
Alice Bard
Margaret Bard
Emma Bard
Harriett Bard
Emily Bard
Jane Bard
Charlotte Bard
Amelia Bard
Ellen Bard
Minnie Bard
Edith Bard
Hannah Bard
Louisa Bard
Eunice Bard
Rose Bard
Isabella Bard
Lizzie Bard
Eugenie Bard
Sophia Bard
Lilian Bard
Selina Bard
Kate Bard
Roselie Bard
Jessica Bard
Elizbth. Bard
Rosana Bard
Isabelle Bard
Caroline Bard
Lucy Bard
Florence Bard
Bessie Bard
Susan Bard
Lilly Bard
Ethel Bard
Sienna Bard
Amy Bard
Lauretta Bard
Amalie Bard
Julia Bard
Elizth Bard
Ada Bard
Nellie Bard
Elise Bard
May Bard

Top occupations

Ag Lab
No Occupation
Commercial Clerk
General Serv
Journeyman Butcher
Servant Domestic
Factory Girl (Lab)
Domestic Servant
Ag Labourer
Receiver Of Parish Relief Pauper
General Labourer
Engine Fitter In Works
House Keeper
Wire Weaver
Farm Labourer
Footman (Dom Ser)
Formerly Lab
General Servant
Garden Boy (M)
Gardener (Dom)
Gen Serv Domestic
Costumer (Millr)
Bricklayer Wife
Brick Layer
Bedstead Maker (Iron)
Bank Clerk
At Home Dom Ser
Assist To House Keeper
Carrier & Publican
Clerk N K
Clerk In Holy Order ( Red For Ovendon )
Civil Engineer
Chemists Assistant
Chemist Student
Cellarman Wife