Belson in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Belson
George Belson
John Belson
James Belson
Thomas Belson
Richard Belson
Henry Belson
Arthur Belson
Robert Belson
Alfred Belson
Joseph Belson
Edward Belson
Walter Belson
Samuel Belson
Frederick Belson
Thos. Belson
Fredrick Belson
Elijah Belson
Wm. Belson
Harry Belson
Charles Belson
Albert Belson
Mabel Belson
F. Belson
Elisak Belson
Zechariah Belson
Jesse Belson
Edwin Belson
Isaac Belson
Edmund Belson
Chas.Jno. Belson
Sydney Belson
Benj. Belson
Arther Belson
Oliver Belson
Fred Belson
Alfd. Belson
Martin Belson
Francis Belson
Lionel Belson
Ernest Belson
Infant Belson
Conrelus Belson
Geo. Belson
Miles Belson
Frank Belson

Top female forenames

Mary Belson
Sarah Belson
Elizabeth Belson
Ann Belson
Louisa Belson
Eliza Belson
Ellen Belson
Edith Belson
Emma Belson
Susanna Belson
Emily Belson
Margaret Belson
Florence Belson
Annie Belson
Kate Belson
Gertrude Belson
Christina Belson
Lydia Belson
Fanny Belson
Julia Belson
Henrietta Belson
Harriet Belson
Agnes Belson
Hannah Belson
Caroline Belson
Betsy Belson
Amy Belson
Alice Belson
Ada Belson
Maria Belson
Flory Belson
Catharine Belson
Blanch Belson
Bessie Belson
Laura Belson
Ruth Belson
Annette Belson
Rachel Belson
Eleanor Belson
Minnie Belson
Amelia Belson
Deborah Belson
Clara Belson
Marian Belson
Frances Belson
Charlotte Belson
Lucy Belson
Fannie Belson
Susannah Belson
Lily Belson

Top occupations

Agricultural Labourer
Ag Lab
Ag Labr
Lace Maker
Merchant Clerk
Farm Labourer
Corn Dealer
Carter (Farm)
General Servant (Domestic)
Agricultural Labourer Dau
Gen Serv Dom
Formerly In The Army (No Occ)
Errand Boy
Farmer 100 Acres Employing 4 Men 1 Boy
Formerly Governess
Farm Servant
Farm Servt
Farm Bailiff
Chair Maker
Cook Domestic Servant
Agricultural Laborer
Beer Retailer
Book Finisher At Works (Bookbinder)
Book Folder
Bricklayer Laborer
Chair Makers Wife
Chair Top Maker
Chair Top Maker (Cabinet)
Chair Turner
Chapel Keeper
Charwoman Labourers Widow
Cokeburner Manager For Employing 15 Men
Cokeburners Daur
Cook Dom Serv
Cook Domestic Serv