Bishopp in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bishopp
George Bishopp
Edward Bishopp
Stephen Bishopp
James Bishopp
William Bishopp
Alfred Bishopp
Thomas Bishopp
Arthur Bishopp
Henry Bishopp
Frederick Bishopp
Samuel Bishopp
Albert Bishopp
Frank Bishopp
Joseph Bishopp
Charles Bishopp
Walter Bishopp
Fredirick Bishopp
Fred Bishopp
Francis Bishopp
Robert Bishopp
Edwd.W. Bishopp
Llewellyn Bishopp
Earnest Bishopp
Charley Bishopp
Herbert Bishopp
Harry Bishopp
Geo.D. Bishopp
Valentine Bishopp
Steven Bishopp
Ernest Bishopp
Richard Bishopp
Cornelius Bishopp

Top female forenames

Emily Bishopp
Mary Bishopp
Elizabeth Bishopp
Jane Bishopp
Sarah Bishopp
Fanny Bishopp
Ann Bishopp
Edith Bishopp
Harriet Bishopp
Margaret Bishopp
Ada Bishopp
Eliza Bishopp
Minnie Bishopp
Hannah Bishopp
Alice Bishopp
Maria Bishopp
Ellen Bishopp
Lucy Bishopp
Clara Bishopp
Ruth Bishopp
Harriett Bishopp
Margret Bishopp
Mabel Bishopp
Katie Bishopp
Zipporah Bishopp
Elinor Bishopp
Julia Bishopp
Charlotte Bishopp
Rosa Bishopp
Caroline Bishopp
Mildred Bishopp
Grace Bishopp
Annie Bishopp
Frances Bishopp
Anna Bishopp
Emma Bishopp
Amelia Bishopp
Kate Bishopp
Sussanah Bishopp
Eleanor Bishopp
Jessie Bishopp
Catherine Bishopp
Blanch Bishopp
Mercy Bishopp
Georgiana Bishopp
Anne Bishopp
Martha Bishopp

Top occupations

Bricklayers Labour
Domestic Servant
Farm Servant
General Servant
Farmers Wife
Coachman (Dom)
Agricultural Labourer
Grocers Boy
Gen Lab
Works For Father (Fishmonger)
Farm Waggoners Mate
Farmer 177 Acres 5 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer 75 Acres Employing 20 Men 1 Boy
Farmer Of 125 Acres Employing 6 Men
Farmer Of 212 Acres Employs 5 Men 3 Boys
General Practioner M R C S
Farmers Son
General Grocer Wife
General Grocer
Footman Domc Serv
Gen Serv
General Serv Domestic
Gas Fitter
Comercial Clerk
Farm Bailiff Of 308 Acres Employing 7 Men & 3 Boys
Beer Retailer
Brush & Fancy Shop Keeper
Brush Warehouseman
Builders Apprentice
Cab Proprietor
Carpenters Apprentice
Coachman Domestic Servant
Com Clerk
Domestic Servant Unemployed
Drapers Assistant
Boot Maker
Dressmakers Apprentice
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitters Labourer
Farm Bailiff