Blanc in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Alfred Blanc
Carlo Blanc
John Blanc
Henry Blanc
Frederick Blanc
Augusta Blanc
Albert Blanc
Paul Blanc
Horace Blanc
Henri Blanc

Top female forenames

Louisa Blanc
Sarah Blanc
Jeane Blanc
Amy Blanc
Neloise Blanc
Maria Blanc
Lizzie Blanc
Laura Blanc
Henriette Blanc
Alice Blanc
Selina Blanc
Pauline Blanc
Marie Blanc
LE Blanc

Top occupations

Bankers Clerk
Ladys Maid
Nurse Domestic Serv
Parlour Maid
Professor Of Languages
Professor Of Natural Scis
Teacher (School)
Undergradate Of Oxford
Groom (Dom)
Governess (Dom Ser)
Clerk Commercial
Cook (Nd)
Domestic Servant Ladys Maid
French Governess
French Governess Tea
French Teacher
Water Guard