Burnet in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Burnet
William Burnet
James Burnet
Thomas Burnet
Joseph Burnet
Henry Burnet
Robert Burnet
George Burnet
Arthur Burnet
Alfred Burnet
Victor Burnet
Andrew Burnet
Frank Burnet
Ernest Burnet
Walter Burnet
Aaron Burnet
Enoch Burnet
Edward Burnet
Harry Burnet
Samuel Burnet
Charles Burnet
Richard Burnet
Michael Burnet
Wm.C. Burnet
Willm.Samuel Burnet
Albert Burnet
Edwin Burnet
Isaac Burnet
David Burnet
Sidney Burnet
Clarance Burnet
Harrold Burnet
Cecil Burnet
Gilbert Burnet
Phillip Burnet
Nathan Burnet
Aquila Burnet
Frederich Burnet
Mac Burnet
Amos Burnet
Wm. Burnet
Fielder Burnet
Jonas Burnet
Alexander Burnet
Abraham Burnet
Horatio Burnet
Sydney Burnet
Daniel Burnet
Hamilton Burnet
Benjamin Burnet

Top female forenames

Mary Burnet
Elizabeth Burnet
Ann Burnet
Jane Burnet
Sarah Burnet
Alice Burnet
Isabella Burnet
Emily Burnet
Edith Burnet
Eliza Burnet
Harriet Burnet
Hannah Burnet
Emma Burnet
Margaret Burnet
Annie Burnet
Jessie Burnet
Kate Burnet
Maria Burnet
Augusta Burnet
Louisa Burnet
Ada Burnet
Ethel Burnet
Ellen Burnet
Selica Burnet
Mabel Burnet
Lilly Burnet
Frances Burnet
Martha Burnet
Bridget Burnet
Isa Burnet
Rachel Burnet
Anna Burnet
Lydia Burnet
Edna Burnet
Norah Burnet
Anie Burnet
E. Burnet
Francis Burnet
Nellie Burnet
Lek Burnet
Clara Burnet
Florence Burnet
Mildred Burnet
Joyce Burnet
Catherine Burnet
Janet Burnet
Caroline Burnet
Marie Burnet
Susannah Burnet
Bertha Burnet

Top occupations

Ag Lab
No Proffession
Cotton Mule Spinner
Coal Miner
Labourer At Colliery
Farmers Son
Cotton Weaver
Commercial Traveller
Labourers Wife
Pupil Teacher
Income From Interest Of Money
Agricultural Labourer
Cotton Mule Creeler
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Cook
Domestic Duties
Domestic Serv
Elementary School Teacher
Domestic Servant
Engine Man
Domestic Servant (Cook)
Dressmaker Apprentice
Carpenter (Paupers)
Widow Of Clergy Man
Auctioneers Assistant
Baker Emp 3 Men
Bank Accountant
Brick Maker
Builder (Apprentice)
Certificated Teacher (School)
Clerk & Draper
Clerk In Vitriol Works
Clerk To Father
Cloth Finisher (Cot Dyer)
Coach Builder
Commercial Clerk