Coulston in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Coulston
William Coulston
Thomas Coulston
George Coulston
James Coulston
Joseph Coulston
Charles Coulston
Henry Coulston
Alfred Coulston
Robert Coulston
Edward Coulston
Jonathan Coulston
Albert Coulston
Chas. Coulston
Walter Coulston
Walton Coulston
Frederick Coulston
Richard Coulston
Oliver Coulston
Eli Coulston
Leonard Coulston
Edwd Coulston
Earnest Coulston
Wilmot Coulston
Cristopher Coulston
Isaac Coulston
Thos. Coulston
G. Coulston
Percy Coulston
Francis Coulston
Mark Coulston
Edwin Coulston
Wm. Coulston
Douglas Coulston
J. Coulston
Benjamine Coulston
Gabriel Coulston
Alexander Coulston
Fredrick Coulston
Abraham Coulston
Frank Coulston

Top female forenames

Mary Coulston
Elizabeth Coulston
Sarah Coulston
Ann Coulston
Margaret Coulston
Jane Coulston
Alice Coulston
Ellen Coulston
Martha Coulston
Hannah Coulston
Betsy Coulston
Annie Coulston
Eliza Coulston
Edith Coulston
Isabella Coulston
Harriett Coulston
Emma Coulston
Isabela Coulston
Harriet Coulston
Frances Coulston
Priscilla Coulston
Comfort Coulston
Miriam Coulston
Catherine Coulston
Fanny Coulston
Maria Coulston
Lucy Coulston
Anne Coulston
Sussanah Coulston
Emee Coulston
Kate Coulston
Susan Coulston
Jemima Coulston
Rose Coulston
Eleanor Coulston
Izabela Coulston
Rosa Coulston
Dinah Coulston
Pearcey Coulston
Charlotte Coulston
Caroline Coulston
Marian Coulston
Bertha Coulston
Ethel Coulston
Annice Coulston
Winifred Coulston
Emily Coulston
Louisa Coulston
Anna Coulston
Susannah Coulston

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Gen Lab
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Winder
Factory Operative(Lab)
Railway Clerk
Farm Labourer
General Servant
Cotton Spinner
Student In Catholic Grammer School
Labourer In Coal Mine
Farmers Wife
Flax Dresser
Formerly Librarian
Drawer At Factory (Worsted)
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitter Wife
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Of 35 Acres
Formerly Nurse
Farmer 10 Acres
Farmer & Innkeeper 92 Ac 2 Lab
Farm Labr (Ag)
Coal Hobbler
Assistant (Inn)
Assistant In Grocers Shop
Boot Maker
Bricklayers Labourer
Cabinet Maker
Clerk For Railway Company
Coal Merchant
Coke Yard Lab
Colliery Overman
Cook Domestic Servant
Curator Of Institute
Domestic serv