Fairfax in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Fairfax
John Fairfax
Thomas Fairfax
Charles Fairfax
Henry Fairfax
George Fairfax
Alfred Fairfax
Joseph Fairfax
Frederick Fairfax
Edward Fairfax
Francis Fairfax
James Fairfax
Samuel Fairfax
Richard Fairfax
Walter Fairfax
Thos. Fairfax
Fredrick Fairfax
Harry Fairfax
Gabriel Fairfax
Ralph Fairfax
Frank Fairfax
Percy Fairfax
Ernest Fairfax
Wm.Geo. Fairfax
Jesse Fairfax
Cescil Fairfax
Herry Fairfax
Bernard Fairfax
Arthur Fairfax
Thirza Fairfax
Albert Fairfax
Sammuel Fairfax
Reginald Fairfax
Fred Fairfax
R. Fairfax
Michael Fairfax
Edwin Fairfax
Bryan Fairfax
Tom Fairfax
Herbert Fairfax
Authur Fairfax

Top female forenames

Mary Fairfax
Sarah Fairfax
Elizabeth Fairfax
Louisa Fairfax
Anne Fairfax
Annie Fairfax
Ann Fairfax
Harriet Fairfax
Clara Fairfax
Caroline Fairfax
Susan Fairfax
Emma Fairfax
Ada Fairfax
Eliza Fairfax
Hannah Fairfax
Emily Fairfax
Evelyn Fairfax
Jane Fairfax
Edith Fairfax
Lucy Fairfax
Lizzie Fairfax
Ellen Fairfax
Rose Fairfax
Adelaide Fairfax
Julia Fairfax
Rhoda Fairfax
Isabella Fairfax
Eleanor Fairfax
R. Fairfax
Milicent Fairfax
G. Fairfax
Martha Fairfax
Flora Fairfax
Beatrice Fairfax
Maretta Fairfax
Sarahann Fairfax
Amy Fairfax
Lillie Fairfax
Emilie Fairfax
Rosemond Fairfax
Alice Fairfax
Kate Fairfax
Elizth.J. Fairfax
Rosa Fairfax
Rachel Fairfax
Harriett Fairfax
Pheby Fairfax
Celia Fairfax
Frances Fairfax
Bessie Fairfax

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Moulders Labourer At Foundry (Iron Manuf)
Shoe Rivetter
Domestic Serv
Pensioners Daughter Sch Scholar
Ag Labourer
Assistant (Mat Maker)
Farmer Of 195 Acres Employing 5 Labourers 2 Boys
Farmer 87 Acres Emp 1 Man
Farm Labourer
Farm Lab
Drapers Assistant
Wood Turner
General Serv (Domestic)
Foreman Brewer
Game Keeper
General Outdoor Serv
General Labourer At Foundry
Gen Serv
Gen Labourer
Gas Stoker
Gardener (N D)
General Servant
Gamekeeper Wife
County Lady
Comml Traveller
Butchers Knife Hafter
Builders Labr
Brush Dealer
Boot & Shoe Maker
Bakers Assistant
Author Writer
At Home
Cab Proprietor
Cabman Wife
Com Travellor
Com Clerk Chem Manure Trade
Com Clerk
Coachman No D Postboy ...
Clothes Dealer
Clerk West 1 Dock C
Clerk Tea & Spice (House)
Carpenter Journeyman